Are there gluten free communion wafers?

Bread and wafers “must be unleavened, purely of wheat, and recently made so that there is no danger of decomposition,” the letter from the Vatican states. “Hosts that are completely gluten – free are invalid matter for the celebration of the Eucharist.” However, low- gluten wafers and bread may be used, it says.

Are prepackaged communion cups gluten free?

The Miracle Meal Prefilled Communion Cups – with 100% Grape Juice & Gluten Free Wafer Set – Made in the USA – Premium Quality Guaranteed – Ready to Serve (100 PACK)

Where can I buy communion wafers?

Communion Wafers – Whole Wheat 1 1/8″ – Box of 1000 – –

Is it a sin to buy communion wafers?

So, someone buys unconsecrated hosts in bulk from a church supply store or a bakery. If the intent is to mimic the Eucharist and eat the unconsecrated host as part of the imitation of a church service, or disparagement of it, then, of course, it is a serious sin.

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Can celiacs receive communion?

August 08, 2017. Catholics who have celiac disease have to make the very personal decision whether they want to consume low-gluten hosts in order to receive communion. On June 15, 2017, the Vatican issued a reiteration of Church doctrine that stipulates that there has to be wheat in communion wafers.

Do gluten-free communion wafers need to be refrigerated?

These gluten – free wafers have a long shelf life. Refrigerate them in a sealed container for several weeks. For longer storage, keep them in the freezer.

How long do communion cups last?

Instead of throwing away unused, pre-filled cups, they can be held over for the next communion. Their shelf life is about one year.

Do communion cups expire?

Answer: Yes, they have an expiration date. BUT, our church uses them before the expiration date.

What crackers can you use for communion?

Here is a ranking of all the things Lindsey, Cooper, and I used as a Communion Cracker replacement over the last six months.


Does Walmart sell communion wafers?

Communion Wafers 250 Pieces are plain wafers, 1 1/8″ diameter, 1 lb., (1-year shelf life)and come in a resealable container so that you can use what you need and store the rest for your next Time! Specifications.

Features Non-Book/Non-Music Item
Brand Artistic Churchwar
Assembled Product Weight 2.19 oz

Does Walmart sell unleavened bread?

Unleavened Hard Communion Bread (Box of 500): Lumen by Abingdon Press (Other) – –

Can any bread be used for communion?

This depends on the region and religion. Many churches in America use communion wafers, actual small, pale wafers made especially for that purpose. Some Protestants use normal unleavened bread, others use wafers. Most Orthodox churches use leavened bread, but not the Armenian Orthodox Church.

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What do communion wafers taste like?

Our wafers are just ground wheat and water. They kind of taste like paper to me. When we use bread, it tastes like a loaf of bread. rice cakes without the flavor or texture.

Do apostolics take communion?

The Apostolic Christian Church (ACC) is a worldwide Christian denomination from the anabaptist tradition that practices credobaptism, closed communion, greeting other believers with a holy kiss, a capella worship in some branches (in others, singing is with piano), and the headcovering of women during services.

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